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Sports Litigation Alert is a twice monthly publication that delivers timely case summaries and articles about relevant sports law topics. One of many of our unique value propositions is our searchable archive, extending back through six years of case law and articles. What makes us even more special is the price. When you require your student to subscribe, those students will pay only $15 a semester, or quarter.

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"Sports Litigation Alert is a great supplement to our sport law courses. Every two weeks the students are required to utilize the publication by applying current class discussion topics to articles in the Alert. Its currency is helpful especially since the law can change daily and textbooks are somewhat outdated as soon as they are published! They are also encouraged to use it as a resource tool when searching for information for their legal research."

Dr. Susan Brown Foster, Chair, Sport Management Program Review Council (SMPRC) Professor and Chair, Department of Sport Management, School of Business, Saint Leo University

"I have found the Sports Litigation Alert to be an invaluable resource to foster discussion of the most current litigation and court decisions in the realm of sport law."

Linda Sharp, J.D., Cleveland Marshall School of Law at the University of Northern Colorado. Associate Professor of Sport & Exercise Science. Sport law, higher education law, and management theory.