Softball player Be a Contributing Sports Law Writer

Hackney Publications welcomes the editorial contributions of attorneys or academicians who have a specific expertise in the sports law field.

Among the topics typically covered in Sports Litigation Alert are:

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Agent Laws, Antitrust, Assumption of Risk, Constitutional Law, Contract, Employment, Gender Discrimination, Governmental Immunity, Hostile Environment, Insurance, Intellectual Property, Jurisdiction, NCAA, Negligence, Products Liability, Tax Law, Title IX and Tort Claims Act

All editorial content in Sports Litigation Alert shall adhere to guidelines for impartiality, accuracy and integrity.

Other issues are addressed as follows:

Exclusivity and Copyright

Unless otherwise agreed, all sports law articles submitted to Sports Litigation Alert (SLA) must be original, unpublished work, not submitted for publication elsewhere. Submission of a manuscript for publication by SLA signifies the author's agreement to assign copyright or grant a license to SLA.